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The Daily Citizen-News — Band’s Act Puts Two Members Behind Bars — Valerie A. Hoffman (Feb., 1992)

Clad only in a pink see-through outfit, a New York band member took to a Dalton stage Thursday night, while the band’s leader stripped down to a G-string and and defecated before an audience of teen-agers.

Initial response Friday was a resounding “In Dalton?”

Kevin Michael Allin, 35, of New York City was wisked away by Dalton police who witnessed the night’s entertainment from an undercover vantage point.

Police had initially stopped by a club known as “The Wall” to make sure the business was complying with city ordinances.

A complaint had been called in that the skateboarding establishment was operating as a dance hall, and that alcoholic beverages were being consumed on the premises.

Undercover officers, assisted by about a dozen uniformed men, eventually arrested a 15 people, including the band members and the club’s owner Tony Alvarez, 18, of Ringgold.

Allin is charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct, while fellow band member, 37-year-old Donald Mark Sachs of New York City, is charged with public indecency.

The band, “G.G. Allin and the Murder Junkies,” are said to appeal to skinheads and neo-Nazi followers. These fans shave their heads, slam dance and practice often violent acts such as butting heads with one another or fighting with people in the audience.

Dalton police said the mostly teen-age audience, including the undercover officers, actually paid a cover charge to see the unusual entertainment.

A 16-year-old Dalton resident saw the show and said he escaped arrest because he had left the premises prior to the raid.

Kevin Price of Alabama Drive said he and his friend had to sign a waiver saying the band and the club owner Alvarez were not responsible for anything that might happen. Price questioned why police arrested some people who were not actually inside the building.

Police worked the case until 3 a.m. Friday, entering a report nearly 20 pages long.

The Wall has a legitimate business license. However, it is not licensed to sell alcohol. Detective Capt. Charles Black said it appeared that customers were bringing their own alcohol.

The business is also licensed to hold occasional concerts and skateboard tournaments, Black said.

Those arrested and charged were:

Julie Darlene Alexander, 21, 3029 New York Ave., Chattanooga; obstruction of an officer and disorderly conduct.

Kevin Michael Allin, 35, 298 Mulberry St., New York, N.Y.; indecent exposure, disorderly conduct.

Barbara Johnson, 19, 511 Colville St., Chattanooga; underage consumption of alcohol.

William Dee Walker, 17, 4202 Greenbriar Road, Chattanooga; underage consumption of alcohol.

Chris Lee Chesnutt, 21, 1224 Browns Ferry Road, Chattanooga; obstruction of an officer.

Donald Mark Sachs, 37, Broadway Hotel 230, New York, N.Y.; public indecency.

John Chandler Harvey, 21, 2334 Hickory Valley Road, Chattanooga; indecent exposure, disorderly conduct.

Pamela Adams, 19, 796 S. Crest Road, Chattanooga; underage consumption of alcohol.

Stephen Honeycutt, 20, 327 Crestway Drive, Chattanooga; underage consumption of alcohol.

Scott W. Booth, 18, 1114 A South St. Mark Ave., East Ridge; underage consumption of alcohol.

Timothy Sean Meadows, 19, 2169 Savannah Hills Drive, Ooteltwah; underage consumption of alcohol.

Aleksey Subbotin, 19, 701 B Summit Ave., Chattanooga; underage consumption of alcohol.

Benjamin Hyde, 19, Chatsworth; underage consumption of alcohol.

Tony Alvarez, 18, 10 Stapp Drive, Ringgold; disorderly house, contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Sharon Elsele, 40, 10 Stapp Drive, Ringgold; disorderly business, contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

— Valerie A. Hoffman

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