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Arrest Report — The Cavity Club — February 18, 1992 (via The Austin Chronicle)

Retrieved from the Austin Chronicle;

G.G. Allin (Arrest Report)

Cavity Club, February 18, 1992

Upon arrival at the Cavity Club I notice numerous people running out of the front door. Dispatch had prior advised me that a fight was in progress and that a white male was on stage nude and was defecating. I went inside the club and was immediatley [sic] struck by male [sic] that was in the air inside. I noted that the crowd was running away from the stage gasping and covering their faces. I saw a [sic] arm holding a spray canister above the crowd’s head and it appeared that a member of the crowd was spraying the Mace. I was pushed by several subjects and I immediately pulled my night stick and readied it for use. I advised dispatch via radio tht [sic] I needed additional units to dispurse [sic] the crowd. I noted a white male on the band stand was nude and staggering around the stage bleeding from the forehead. Upon the arrival of additional unit’s [sic] I had advised the white male to sit down on the stage pending a possible arrest. After dispursing [sic] the crowd I advised dispatch to have EMS sent to my location for the white male’s forehead. Upon the arrival of EMS they transported the white male to Brackenridge for his injury’s [sic]. I went outside to get fresh air due to slight respritory [sic] problems. While outside I was advised by Sgt. Saldana that a subject in the crowd wished to press assault charges against the while [sic] in the band. I identified the subject as follows: James Michael Harper-White/Male-07/24/71. Harper stated he ws [sic] in the crowd when the band member that was nude threw feces at him striking him n [sic] the head. Harper was intoxicated and advised by me that a [sic] information report would be written and was given the case number to this disturbance and that [sic] he could file charges the next day. After discussing the situation with Harper I went to Brackenridge Hospital and identified the nude white male as follows: Arrested: Kevin Mike Allin-White/Male-08/29/56. Alias: Kevin Mike Allen-White/Male-08/29/56. Allen was found to have a warrant for his arrest to revoke probation out of Flint, Mich. After Allen received treatment for his injury’s [sic] I transported Allin to central booking which he was booked in on the warrant. Prior to treatment while I spoke with Allen I asked him who hit him in the forehead. Allen stated he did it himself with the stage microphone. He said blood adds to the performance of the show. Allen asked why the police Maced him and I advised him it was not the police. That it was the crowd and that APD does not carry Mace. Allen was covered in feces and was advised that possible assault charges could be filed on him the future. Allen stated that throwing faces [sic] was part of his act and that the club manager was aware of this when he booked the band (band name G.G. Allen). Warrant Information: Parole violation/assault with weapon, OCA-P206045 — Issued 11/19/91 Flint, Mich — Corr/Center. Allen was advised taht [sic] possible disorderly conduct charges could be filed on him in the future. When I first arrived in the club I only noted Allen naked on the stage wearing only black gloves and a black dog collar around his neck. Allen was not seen by me to make any lewd gesture with his genitals [sic] or anus. 1)http://www.austinchronicle.com/music/2001-01-26/80354/


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