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Ann Arbor News — “Rock Singer Sentenced to Jail Term, Fined $1,000” — Associated Press (September 16, 1991)


Musician Sentenced In Assault

Rock Singer Sentenced To Jail Term, Fined $1,000

MILWAUKEE – A rock singer was sentenced Friday to 60 days in jail and fined $1,000 for defecating on stage and throwing the feces into the crowd at a nightclub here two years ago.

Kevin Michael Allin, known as G.G. Allin, lead singer of the defunct group Toilet Rockers, was convicted last month of indecent and abusive conduct and provoking a disturbance in connection with the performance.

“People cannot engage in criminal behavior and call it art,” Milwaukee County Circuit Judge John DiMotto said in sentencing Allin, 34, formerly of Ann Arbor.

The jail term was longer than the term recommended by the prosecutor, but DiMotto said anything less would “unduly depreciate the seriousness of this offense.”

He immediately stayed the sentence, pending an appeal filed by Allin’s attorney, Peter Goldberg.

“How can you punish someone for their lifestyle?” asked Allin, who remains free on $500 cash bail. “This isn’t going to change anything. I can do anything I want.”

Allin threw excrement into the crowd, simulated sex acts and dragged a female fan on stage and jumped on her during a Feb. 28, 1989, performance at a now-defunct Milwaukee club, the criminal complaint against him said.

In a statement to police, Allin said he defecated on stage but didn’t think “enough came out to bother anybody.” A videotape of the performance was shown twice to the jury.

Defense lawyers had asked Friday that Allin be put on probation. He is already on parole in Michigan, where he served 18 months in prison after being convicted of felonious assault on an Ann Arbor woman.

DiMotto turned down Allin’s offer to perform a concert to benefit the city’s homeless.

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