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Ann Arbor News — “Musician Sentenced in Assault” — William B. Treml (December 25, 1989)


Musician Sentenced In Assault

A rock musician was ordered Friday to spend 18 months to four years in prison for severely burning and cutting an Ann Arbor woman after she invited him into her apartment.

Although Kevin M. Allin pleaded no contest to the felonious assault charge, he claimed Friday in Washtenaw Circuit Court that the woman’s burn injury “was an accident.”His court-appointed attorney, Assistant Public Defender R. William Schooley, said “the entire case is bizarre…deviant.”

Judge William F. Ager Jr., who sentenced Allin, remarked that “I understand there are lifestyles which this court does not understand.”

Allin, 33, was charged with injuring the young woman so seriously by burning one of her legs with a cigarette lighter and cutting her that she required 12 days of hospitalization for skin grafts and other treatment.

Allin, who is from New Hampshire, claims to lead “the most violent rock and roll band in the country. ” He has described beating himself into unconsciousness and knocking out his own teeth while on stage. He said Friday he feels “somewhat blackmailed.” This is his first felony conviction.

He was originally charged with assaulting the Ann Arbor woman with intent to commit great bodily harm, after she invited him and members of his band into her North Fourth Avenue apartment. Prosecutors dropped that charge when Allin agreed to plead no contest to the lesser charge of felonious assault.

Immediately before Allin was sentenced, Public Defender Schooley said several untrue allegations were made by the woman when she testified on the day of his no-contest plea and in a probation agent’s report on the case.

Schooley said the medical reports do not support the woman’s contentions that Allin burned her in the back of her throat, dripped wax into her leg burn, and forced her to drink a glassful of cigarette butts in an unidentified liquid.

The woman made a victim-impact statement on Dec. 8 in Ager’s courtroom, as allowed by state law. She said, “I am very, very sad. I feel a very deep sorrow that humans can be so cruel…”

Judge Ager noted that his sentence for Allin is “slightly above” the minimum prison term of 12 months suggested in state guidelines. The judge said he is not punishing Allin for his lifestyle, but because that he is responsible for “burns that required hospitalization and skin grafting on her left leg, cuts on both cheeks, and half-moon cuts around both breasts. “

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